The Best Way For A Woman To Shave

The Best Way For A Woman To Shave

There are many shaving creams and gels on the market. However, it’s hard to figure out which is the best shaving cream for women. Should you cleanse before shaving in the shower? Are you supposed to use it every time you shave or just once in a while? These are the common questions women want to know when it comes to finding the right shave cream. This is why we’re here. To help you figure out exactly what your skin needs for a perfect shave.

Cleanse Your Skin First

Shaving cream for women is designed to hydrate your skin and prep it before you shave. It’s best to start on a clean canvas. It’s best that you wash your skin with a body cleanser before you decide to use a shaving cream.

Exfoliate If Needed

In order to get a closer and long-lasting shave, exfoliate your skin before applying any shave cream or gel. It’s better to exfoliate prior to shaving because you can risk causing additional irritation to your skin. You can use a gentle scrub and a loofah on your designated area to exfoliate.

Use A Decent Size Of Shaving Cream Or Gel

After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, apply a thick even amount of shaving gel or cream to the area that you want to shave. Using a shaving cream or gel will help add moisture into your skin and add a layer of protection against cuts and hair pulls while you shave.

What’s The Best Way To Shave?

Everyone shaves in their own way. However, your best chance of achieving your shave yet depends on how you are shaving.

Legs: Shave lightly from your ankle up to your knee.
Underarms: Shave in all direction that your hair grows
Bikini area: Shave in the direction of the hair growth first. Then shave the opposite direction for a closer smoother shave.

Now you’re a pro at shaving and you know the ins and outs of how to use shaving cream. Have you found the one fit for your needs? Feel free to try different types to find the perfect fit. Whatever your situation, there’s a Shaveworks shave cream for you.